Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maya's Birthday Cake

Ahh she's so cute!!!! I'm going to die!!

There's a sweet little girl name Maya that my entire office is obsessed with. She's the daughter of one of my coworkers. Why is she so cute? Well, there's a million reasons and here are a few...

I got the honor to make her birthday cake, which I have to say, when I found out, I almost teared up with joy. She wanted a princess cake, which I instantly loved 'cause I've always wanted a princess cake when I was a kid, which my mama obviously never got me. I got to finally live that dream through Maya. (Thank you, Maya!) Giving her two options for flavors - chocolate fudge cake and strawberry shortcake, she chose the latter. Her reasoning only made me adore her more. She said, "Strawberry shortcake, please! It's pink and my favorite color is pink." What. A. Darling.

When I first made fondant, it went horribly wrong. It was too soft and too greasy from the butter. This time, with my heart racing 100mph, I attempted to make fondant again. "For Maya. For Maya" That's all I thought about. I couldn't possibly let little Maya down. And low and behold, the fondant came out perfect! My little lucky charm.

Now that I have more confidence in fondant, gum paste is the next thing I need to attack!

Fondant Made Easy

  • 16oz marshmallow fluff (or marshmallow creme)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 6-8 cups confectioners sugar (I used 6 cups)
  • Food coloring or paste (optional)

  1. Place the jar of marshmallow fluff in the refridgerator overnight, or at least 2 hours. When ready, scoop the marshmallow fluff into the Kitchen Aid and add the vanilla extract.
  2. Mix it on low as you add 2 cups of confectioners sugar at a time until you have the right consistency. If you are adding in color, do so as you add the sugar, alternating it until you get the right color.  
  3. Butter both your palms and gather all the fondant together, kneading it softly. You can wrap it in saran wrap for  up to one week.

**I would let  the fondant sit out 15 minutes or so until you start rolling. When rolling the fondant out, make sure the rolling pin is well buttered and so is the mat/parchment paper you're using. Dust the fondant as you go, so it won't stick. 


Anonymous said...

It's so girly!!! I love it!

kinkypinksneakers said...

So adorable!!! And Fondant with fluff? Sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

Cuuuute cuteee cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You are a the master cake lady!

nancy said...

i like the shades of pink and I'm sure it was delish! I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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