Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boston Pie Experiment!

Boston is simply one of my favorite cities. It's home. Sadly, I haven't taken advantage of a lot of the various things that Boston has to offer. It was only this summer that I've gone to SoWa, which may just be my favorite farmer's market in the world! Food trucks, produce, mm delicious Chatham smoked fish, jewelry and vintage shopping - what else can a girl ask for? This is why I've decided that I needed to rediscover Boston. I jumped online and googled all the exciting events that are happening this summer and whoa baby, what did I come across?! The FOOD EXPERIMENT is coming to Boston and the theme is .... pie!! The showdown is next Sunday, July 31st, 2011 at Middle East on Mass Ave.

I love pies - blueberry pies, chocolate pies, pecan pies, peach pie - it has a crust and I love it. As much as I get an adrenaline rush (sugar rush too!) visiting all the new cupcake or dessert places in Boston, I wish there were more pie shops. Pies are comforting and homey (surprisingly, that's a real word. I looked it up on Webster). Everyone in town knows Petsi Pies - if you don't, you're deprived. Other than that though, there's no other spot really notable for pies. Let me know if you have a good spot for pies!

Enough of my rant, when I came across the Boston Pie Experiment, I had to go, as in drooling-from-my-mouth-had to go. Not only that, I decided I would enter and bake my delicious, oh so decadent upside down apple pie.

So, here's a formal invitation to the showdown where dozens of pies are available for YOUR tasting. Sample all the pies and vote for favorite! And, what can make an infinite supply of pies taste even better on a Sunday afternoon? Mmm oh just good beer to wash it down. :) On top of that, you got to admit it to yourself that you secretly want to come - it's like watching an episode of Food Stars or Cupcake Wars, but in person! :) So, dig out $10 and come root for your girl!!

See you all there! :)

Sunday, July 31st 12pm-3pm
Middle East (downstairs) on 472-280 Mass Ave
Tickets: $10 online and $15 at the door

Eunice Feller,
Chef & Owner, Bread & Chocolate
Paul Schiavone,
CEO & Creative Director of
Gerry Tice,
Executive Chef at Parker's Restaurant at the Omni Parker House 


Jessica B. said...

ahh cute girl ! i wish i could be there!!! :( GL and let me know how it goes

Anonymous said...

Pie and Beer? mmmmmmmmm.....